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For 12 years “Amarylis” company is being known as acknowledged expert at cosmetics and nail service. “Amarylis” has saved place in ton rankings perfumery leading companies of Ukraine and has a reputation of reliable partner.

Amarylis” company provides a huge spectrum of products for their clients, which helps to satisfy all kind of needs of each category of their clients. “Amarylis” is an exclusive distributor of the best brands and aim to establish affiliate network for Ukraine and CIS countries.

Main principles of our company are certified and outstanding quality products. This thorough business approach led us to a success of both, our company and our partners.

Nowadays, “Amarylis” is a well-developed distributor network in Ukraine. And, also, a modern nail-job education center which uses cutting-edge Swiss and American technologies.


and hopes are...

  • to be innovators in the beauty market by anticipating the needs of our client;
  • to give people beauty, health and self-confidence;
  • to share our knowledge and experience in order to deal with skin and nail problems;
  • to educate and to help our partners with informative, methodical and marketing issues;
  • to create for our employees a working environment providing professional growth with considerable remuneration;
  • to act in accordance with principles of professional ethics and consumer welfare by showing honesty and proactivity in any competition;

We strive to give women the best products made by world leading professionals. Apart from selling the best beauty products and nail technology, we give women who seek for beauty and harmony a consulting support.

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The Minicolor's - small golden cap bottle - relies on a simple yet great idea. Nail polish, regardless of the quality, tends to dry out sooner or later, especially when the bottle is frequently opened. The Mavala Minicolor's have been designed to minimize solvent evaporation and avoid this inconvenience. Because of its small size, one uses the whole content with no waste! Other important advantages : its small size makes it handy to keep with you and its low and affordable cost for all allows one to buy 2, 3 or even more at the same time. Wide range of different shades to suit all tastes and all styles with, over the season, new trendy colours. MAVALA cares about consumers' health, so their nail polishes are formulated only with carefully selected ingredients. Minicolor’s are worry free nail polishes!

Our brand KOCOSTAR is short for KOREAN COSMETIC STAR. We have mask series from Hair to Toe beyond your imagination.

We thrive to be the NO.1 most creative and most innovative mask brand in the world. As of now, we are in sales on over thousands of stores in over 70 contrieds worldwide. Through our affordable, easy to use, salon-quality products, you can become more beautiful with young skin, silky hair, pretty feet and sparkly nails. Going to a salon is a waste of money and time. Have the salon experience right at home. Kocostar will promise you a more convenient and efficient time. Save your time and your dime!!


The history of the company Dashing Diva Franchise Corporation began in 2003. The American company Dashing Diva Franchise Corporation whose headquarters is located in Port Washington is led by one of the founders of a popular brand Kiss Products John Chang. The biggest factory of nail extensions, tips for express French manicure, innovative nail stickers – a total replacement of nail polish – is also under his leadership. A number of professional nail products called Dashing Diva Professional was introduced in 2009. Designed in their own laboratory innovative beauty products were highly estimated by professionals. Currently Dashing Diva is known on three continents – in the USA, Japan, China, Kuwait and in the Philippines. In Ukraine the brand is represented by tips designed for express manicure and for extension nails of various colors and sizes. These tips will never change color or give you chipped nails. All Dashing Diva products have remarkable 100% quality and can be used by manicurists as well as by non-professionals at home. Dashing Diva products are made for everyone who loves and appreciates modern and gorgeous nail design.


HAAN designs and markets personal care products, reinventing established categories with unique DNA.




Educational center “Amarylis”

This is cutting-edge nail job technologies and guaranteed safety during manicure

Educational center “Amarylis” offers opportunities to learn safe and advanced nail job technologies. Company obtains the newest express-methodologies developed by Swiss specialists.

We offer classic European programs in uncut manicure for manicure masters and master classes for everybody. We pay a lot of attention to educational programs for our partners. We are running master classes in uncut manicure for our partners and, also, educate to them technologies of safe and modern manicure. Doing this gives great results and also increases sells of materials for uncut manicure.

Also, we are running training courses for everybody using American technologies. Course contains express-manicure learning and, also, learning of French manicure using tips and smiles. This kind of technologies not only save time and money, but also give opportunity to do “nail salon” manicure at home.

Lessons run by teachers who leant in Switzerland and the USA.
All the materials are given by educational center and their prices includes in price for course. Practical lessons are undergoing with working with models. At the end of the course participants receive diplomas and international type certificates. Educational center “Amarylis” gives an opportunity for individual lessons. Advance registration applies for all courses.
Courses in “Amarylis” Educational center are made in a way, that even beginner can apply for a work after graduating from our center.

  • Mavala uncut Swiss manicure. Classification of manicure: “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”. We offer “full” and “shortened” courses for experience and beginner nail specialists.
  • American method of express nail enhancement and professional french using tips and smiles sing cutting-edge technologies of Dashing Diva brand.


What do our customers say about us?

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Анна Титова рекомендует Мавала Украина
6 декабря 2019 г. Сыворотка антиэдж про просто замечательная. Пользоваться ей одно удовольствие. Красивая баночка с дозатором и сама сыворотка очень экономно расходуется. Имеет приятный запах, после неё нет эффекта пленки и с макияжем она не конфликтует. 🤩

Спасибо Мавала Украина за честные конкурсы и за качественную продукцию!

Яна Качаненко оценила Мавала Украина — 5 звезд
16 марта 2018 г. ★★★★★

Отличные средства по уходу за руками и маникюра! Всем рекомендую!

Илона Андреева рекомендует Мавала Украина
16 марта 2019 г. Стоимость продукции полностью оправдывает качество!!!

Лана рекомендует Kokostar
04 февраля 2020 Г. ★★★★★

Патчики покупала из этой тропической линейки ассаи, питахаи и купила вот эти манго. Они замечательные. Хочу сказать сразу, что патчи не на тканевой основе, они на желейной такой основе, в составе пишут на основе пектина. Эти патчи разгладили мои морщинки, убрали отечность. Приняла душ, приклеила патчи и пока делаю укладку, патчи мои работают. Могу смело рекомендовать всем. Результат отличный.



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